Who’s Watching?


Hey friends! A little late this week because I’ve been working working working on getting this next post saying what I mean for it to say! I’m aiming to have it out by next Thursday. In the meantime, I’m going to share the caption of my most recent Instagram post for all of those who didn’t get to see it before. Enjoy this short read, and take a minute to ask yourself,

“Who’s watching?”

From @gabrielle____r – 09/12/19

“[…] The past few days have been hard (REALLY hard!!). I’ve felt like I’ve been dragging myself around, just trying to get through one minute, then the next, then the next, then the next…. I’ve asked myself the question ‘Why are you even here? What’s the point?’ countless times in the past 72 hours during school, work, theatre. Anxiety about these next few months, and finances, and transitions have been constantly knocking at my door. You know that scene in Spongebob where all the little Spongebobs are running around in his brain and it’s a mess and everything is on fire? That’s it, that’s me! Well until this evening, looking through pictures and trying to shift my focus and finding this gem with my absolute favorite girls and the moment when I realized (one of) the reason(s) I’ve been put where I am.

They’re watching. They need someone to watch.

They see the steps I take, the temptations and struggles I face, the reactions I allow. Now that could go a few ways. These very impressionable girls could see me and the challenges I face and see me crumble under the weight of them. They could see me get angry, shove off the responsibilities and leave them for someone else. Or they could see me stand up, set my worries and challenges and responsibilities and fears and heartache and emotions by the feet of Jesus. Hand them over, trust him, and allow him to use them, use me, in the most spectacular way he could.

Being a control freak, that isn’t easy to do, but it doesn’t need to be. What matters is the model I’m giving to these girls watching me. What matters is the message we pass on to the next generation (and everyone around us!) whether you’re telling them directly or modeling it for them (psst, both usually works best). Young, old, rich, poor, (you know the drill) you’re someone’s role model. Over a lifetime or in a moment. In the midst of a challenge or in everyday life. When you don’t know why on earth you’ve been placed somewhere, ask yourself: ‘Who’s watching?’”

Hello Beautiful People, thanks for reading! Please pray for me going into a weekend full of work, homework, and auditions (ahhhh!). I need peace, inspiration, and energy to get through it all. As I mentioned in this post, I’ve had a lot of anxiety creep in this week about college, transitions, and just everyday life. Today I feel so much better and so refreshed after this week of heaviness, but please pray that my anxiety would be gone completely moving forward! Thank you for all your love and support during this crazy time in my life! Don’t forget to head over to Instagram and follow @gabrielle____r so you never miss posts like this!

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