How Prejudice Hinders Our Mission

Acts is one of my absolute favorite books in the Bible. It is a reminder to me that we have the same Spirit within us that Jesus had. When acting according to His will and speaking by His name, we have the same authority over evil, sickness, pain, death. It is a reminder of Jesus’ command at the very end of Matthew 28 to go and make disciples of all the nations (anyone have a tally of how often I’ve quoted that? Missionary things, I guess). It is also a reminder of things that we should watch out for in ourselves and in the church that could hinder us from doing the best work we can for the Kingdom. One of these things is prejudice. … More How Prejudice Hinders Our Mission

The Hierarchy of Worship

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about worship and how we must maintain awareness of what we are worshiping, what our intentions are, and take action to repent when we realize either are skewed. Today I want to take another look at the topic of worship/idolatry and give you something more to consider when it comes to who/what you are worshiping. Everything I talk about is something I’ve dealt with personally or am currently dealing with. I want to be extra clear with this one that I am so far from perfecting this (if you’re looking for a good example, check out Jesus). But it’s important and worth working through alongside others. Let’s take a look at the Hierarchy of Worship. … More The Hierarchy of Worship

Worship: Intention, Awareness, Action

What do you think of when someone mentions worship?

My initial thought, and likely the thought many of you had, is singing songs with your church on a Sunday morning or on your way to work. This is certainly a form of worship, and it’s actually going to be the primary focus of today’s post. Until said otherwise, when worship is mentioned it will be referring to it being done through song. However, it is also relevant to take note that everything we do is worshiping something. Keep that in mind as you read this. … More Worship: Intention, Awareness, Action

First, Love.

Through my past few posts, I’ve seen a theme that I believe is important enough to give it’s own post. This is not a new idea among Christian circles – it’s in the Bible, so thousands of years old, actually. However, I’m aware that there are people who see these posts who are not believers. I’m aware that there are people who see these posts who have only recently accepted Christ. I’m aware that even devout Christians who see these posts need to be given reminders like this now and then. Perhaps now more than ever. Myself included. To start off, let me ask you this: When was the last time you put love first? … More First, Love.

Stop Trying to be Right!

Lately I’ve been thinking about wisdom a lot (you can see my last post about it here). I’ve been on this journey of truly recognizing that all I am and all I have is from God (hence the probably most quoted passage of mine 2 Cor. 3:4-7). Included in this is wisdom. In my last post I mentioned a struggle I had before when asking God for wisdom which was my motivation. There was a time where I was desiring to be seen as wise more than desiring to actually become wise. This of course led to some inner conflict because I’d hear message after message about where your heart was in your petitions to God. I’d be in discussion after discussion encouraging people to examine their own heart and repent when necessary. I would then be praying and trying to convince myself that I was in the right mindset when it was very obvious my own petitions were pretty self-centered. I was trying to justify and defend myself. … More Stop Trying to be Right!